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JK Lakshmi Cement

The provided JK Lakshmi Cements are composed with 20 per cent greater strength as contrasted with different cement brands. They are available in perfect quantity that enables the customers to use lesser amounts of bags for their different construction and building applications. To use these cements, water should be utilized for curing and mixing, which needs to safe from alkalis, sugar, oils and other agents that may contaminant the concrete. However, drinking water is typically recommended for satisfying concrete mix. To cure our JK Lakshmi Cements, the users need to water the surface as they dry and there should zero impressions of thumb or nail on the newly placed concrete.

Duraguared Cement
Duraguared Cement
Initial Setting Time : 110 Minutes
Fineness : 3750
Compressive Strength : 53+ Megapascals (MPa )
Cement Raw Material : Other
Cement Type : Portland Pozzolana Cement
Price : 315 F O R KOLKATA INR
Jk Lakshmi Pro + Cement
Jk Lakshmi Pro + Cement
Price : 300 F O R KOLKATA INR

"We are dealing order with minimum quantity of 200 bags."
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